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Washington Township firefighters who resigned

Washington Township firefighters who resigned from Gloucester County HAZMAT team last year following complaints of equipment failures during the Paulsboro train derailment response confronted freeholders Tuesday night requesting the status of the county internal investigation cheap nfl jerseys on the complaints.

come here in a highly professional manner, said Richard Sumek, the municipal department assistant fire chief, who responded to last November derailment that wholesale jerseys spilled a toxic chemical that rolled in a fog like cloud through Paulsboro.

Sumek, joined by a dozen now former county HAZMAT team members who responded to the incident, requested the status of an investigation conducted by the Gloucester County HAZMAT Inquiry Panel, charged with investigating the Washington Township responders claims that air monitoring and other equipment was not operational during the Nov. 30 chemical spill.

want a resolution to make it good for the next guy, Sumek said.

After equipment complaints surfaced late last year, Gloucester County Freeholder Deputy Director Joe Chila appointed Fire Chiefs Association President Phil Zimm, former fire chief and Woodbury Mayor Bill Volk and retired state police Major Dennis McNulty to a committee to investigate the claims.

Since the committee creation 11 months ago, it has not concluded its investigation or turned over a report. County administrator Chad Bruner said the investigators, who are all volunteers, were not given a deadline to complete the investigation. He expects the report to be released by the end of 2013.

Freeholder Director Robert Damminger said Tuesday night it would be improper to push the panel volunteers to hurry the investigation.

Gloucester County Freeholders Lyman Barnes and Larry Wallace argue during a meeting Tuesday night over what information was given to them regarding the county's HAZMAT response at the train derailment in Paulsboro last year. (Staff Photo by Calista Condo/South Jersey Times)

are not imposing a deadline on the board we did not want to have our hands on, Damminger said.

has a deadline, Freeholder Larry Wallace said to the board in a spirited debate over the internal investigation of the county HAZMAT equipment and 12 state issued violations against the Gloucester County emergency response that were released in June.

The South Jersey Times first reported about the 12 violations on Nov. 10 following an Open Public Records Request for the documents from the state departments of health and labor and workforce development.

The violations, all marked as were related to missing pre and post incident medical exams for HAZMAT team members and documentation of training logs and other paperwork.

In the Nov. 10 Times story, Bruner chalked the violations up to issues that were resolved by the state 30 day deadline. The paperwork, Bruner said, was submitted to the state in time to meet the deadline and avoid a $2,800 per day, per violation fine.

are in compliance with the state of New Jersey, Damminger said, reiterating that the state citations mentioned nothing of the equipment failures described by Washington Township responders.

I were a firefighter . I would be offended that this was a error, Wallace fired back after reading several of the citations aloud, including item No. 6 that cited the county response team for not conducting a post incident critique of its performance during the derailment.

According to state paperwork, a wash of post incident topics were discussed by unified commands on Jan. 18, but representatives from the county HAZMAT team were not in attendance.

is that a paperwork error? Wallace said. not just a paperwork error. It more serious than that. who deemed Wallace comments to be out of order, told the Republican freeholder he should what you talking about before you talk about it.

10 Strange Lobbying Groups That We Swear Are Real

10 Strange Lobbying Groups That We Swear Are Real

The groups who spend the most on lobbying lawmakers in Washington are well known: ExxonMobil, Boeing, AT General Electric.

[ALSO: Meet the Wholesale Bags 5 Poorest Senators]

But not every dollar spent to gain influence on Capitol Hill comes from a big global industrial behemoth. Hundreds of small advocacy groups and nonprofits spend thousands each year to lobby Congress and federal agencies on the issues they care about most, and their efforts often go under the radar. Association of Reptile Keepers

This North Carolina based nonprofit, whose members collectively call themselves "Reptile Nation," advocates for the responsible conservation and care of reptiles, according to its

website. The group Cheap Sunglasses

in 2012 lobbying for "miscellaneous issues." (We're going to make an educated guess that it was reptile related.)According to the association's

website, its objective is to represent the Wholesale Handbags "rapidly expanding business of military munitions response services," whose members include those who deal with unexploded ordnance, known as UO. UO refers to explosive weapons, such as bombs, grenades or land mines, that did not explode as they should have and remain in danger of detonation. The group

in 2010 Wholesale Cheap Sunglasses lobbying on defense issues.

The Balloon CouncilBalloon Council has had quite the busy year, because of what it calls the very "real problem" of a shortage in helium. Its efforts include drumming up support for the

Helium Stewardship Act, legislation that lays out how to maintain a helium reserve for the future. The group

spent $320,000 on lobbying in 2012. "Fans have spent billions on stadiums the least owners and players can do is play ball," the

2009 NFL Player Trades and Free Agency Signings

2009 NFL Player Trades and Free Agency Signings

The 2009 NFL season is off to a roaring start with lots of player moves in the early offseason. As soon as free agency officially began so did some interesting NFL player signings and trades. Houshmandzadeh are still with their old teams for now. Please read on to see more on 2009 NFL trades and free agent signings. The Broncos quietly were trying to shop their quarterback Jay Cutler or he thinks they are at least, according to the Denver Post's Mike Klis. The article says in part that Cutler thinks he was to be traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their first round draft pick. That pick would have then been traded to the New England Patriots for quarterback Matt Cassel. That was made moot when the Patriots traded Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jay Cutler is a very outspoken player and has been in several heated discussions on and off the field with opponents in the past. He is not taking this Cheap Michael Kors trade issue lightly and it will take months to unruffled his feathers.

Cutler is Michael Kors Outlet still a young and I think talented quarterback and I think Denver can win with him at the position. Now that Cassel is out of the running, Denver will probably stick with Cutler.

Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel have been traded to Cheap Replica Sunglasses the Kansas City Chiefs, for more on that read this article.

The Dallas Cowboys have signed former Atlanta Falcon linebacker Keith Brooking to a contract. I guess they have already forgotten an old slow white linebacker named Thomas. In another move the Dallas Cowboys traded cornerback Anthony Henry to the Detroit Lions for quarterback John Kitna. The Cowboys had been interested in Kitna last season to be Tony Romo's backup, but Kitna was injured. The Lions had recently tried to trade for cornerback Ken Lucas from the Carolina Panthers. Lucas nixed the trade despite the fact that he will be released and make less money as a free agent.

Former Arizona Cardinal defensive end Antonio Smith has signed with the Houston Texans. This will probably put to rest the rumors of Houston trying to trade for Julius Peppers who wants out of Carolina and has a home in Houston Texas.

The Jets under new head coach Rex Ryan are moving and shaking early in the 2009 NFL offseason. They apparently made an attempt to sign Baltimore Raven linebacker Ray Lewis who wanted too much coin. Then they got former Raven linebacker Bart Scott. Ryan was the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens before getting the Jets job. The Jets also made a trade with the Philadelphia Wholesale Fake Sunglasses Eagles for disgruntled cornerback Lito Sheppard and signed him to a contract extension. The Eagles have also added former Cincinnati Bengals franchise tagged guard Stacey Andrews. They had been rumored to be interested in Panther tackle Jordan Gross who resigned with Carolina.

That concludes this article about 2009 NFL free agent signings and player trades. Please check my profile for more articles about the sport we all love, the National Football League.

Baumhower's RSA

Baumhower's RSA

We christian louboutin shoes replica are a local Alabama company dedicated to using fresh, local products when possible. Our mission is to create an experience second to none and we are very interested in your feedback. If you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to contact Tim at 334 263 8800. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts on how we can get better, please call our feedback line at 251 424 1249.

I am the Chief Photojournalist with the NBC affiliate in Montgomery, Alabama. I have covered over twenty plus years of elections. On Tuesday, June 3 we were camped out at the Baumhower's at the RSA. The General Manager Tim Holp is excellent. He was very accomodating to us(being the media). His team was very professional.

Tim went above and beyond what we could have ever expected. Now, this was for an election event. That being said the service I have experienced is even better when I patronize Baumhower's. Tim thank you christian louboutin replica for assisting and making a very long day of work so much fun.

When I first moves to Montgomery nearly two years ago, I heard of a local restaurant chain called Baumhowers. Everyone said it was a "must" especially if you have kids. I took my two teenagers and not only did they love it, but so did I. Personally I prefer the S. Union Street location because you can cheap red bottom shoes almost always get a seat and I really like the friendly staff there. The chicken wings are the best I've ever has anywhere, hands down. My new favorite dish there though is the lemon garlic fish platter. Affordable for a family, fresh and delicious.

Went there over the weekend to view the Iron Bowl. Place was packed, people were dancing; mobile kegs on the table tops. Good beer selection, excellent food and prices. It's delicious American style cuisine with portions that are very generous but don't make you feel guilty for eating it. Best thing among the many on the menu are the grilled chicken wings (seriously addictive) and the onion strings. The prices are, in a word, fantastic. It's a family environment, but would be great for a corporate event or work party. The staff are very attentive, friendly and are good at describing the menu. Go for it, you will not be disappointed !

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Got my restitution lowered today (despite the bomb threat) at the courthous and decided to splurge by going to the new Baumhower's in the RSA Imperial Palace and Mausoleum to King Tut. As with all Bronner buildings, the space is first class. They were still running the grand opening specials so for $5.99 I had the Shrimp Etouffee with a slice of buttered bagette. It came with a reddish roux that was mild spicy but very good especially with a little added NOLA hot sauce. Service was friendly and quick. Even tried the chips and salsa with cheese sauce and they were fine although the chips were thicker than our better "Mexican" places serve them. Pretty quick in and out especially with red bottom shoes cheap the free parking in the deck. Would go back without hesitation.

1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Located on the first floor of the opulent tribute to his majesty David Bronner, Baumhowers RSA has just opened in equally posh digs with a long and beautiful wooden bar and flat screen TVs viewable from almost every location. Even though it had only been opened a couple of days, the service was adequate and staff very motivated to please. Especially with the 6'6" former all pro NFL defensive end owner/namesake breathing down their necks. So far our group has tried the shrimp etouffe and the roast beef sandwhich listed on the menu for about $6 at lunch. Both were good. The bread for the sandwhich was not a Colonial bun but bread from a bakery in either Mobile or New Orleans. Only gripe is the outrageous price for the tea: $2. Scrap the tea and drink water and you have a real bargain for good food in posh surrounding. Parking is even "free" in the deck (although the poor 'statey's' who paid for the pure gold ornaments may not feel like it was free). A really good addition to the Gump lunch scene. Hopefully, the bar will be a nice place to meet after work to extol the virtues of the man who makes it all possible: Dr. Bronner.

Cowboys LB Sean Lee set to miss three to four weeks

Cowboys Nike NFL Jerseys LB Sean Lee set to miss three to four weeks

The Dallas Cowboys were embarrassed in Week 10, losing to the New Orleans Saints 49 17. The route began when they lost their linebacker Sean Lee in the second quarter due to a hamstring injury. Lee was tackling Saints' running back Pierre Thomas when he suffered the injury and the Cowboys defense was dramatically different without him on the field. On Nov. 11, Lee Cheap Nike Jerseys underwent an MRI to check the severity of the hamstring injury. Dallas returns to the field on Nov. 24 against the New York Giants and plays the Oakland Raiders four days later on Thanksgiving. That could put Lee's return at Dec. 9 against the Chicago Bears."

Lee has been impressive this year; he has 93 tackles and four interceptions, but without Lee, the Wholesale Jerseys Cowboys offense surrendered an NFL record 40 first rounds last night.

Lee is in fourth year out of Penn State and is arguably the Cowboys best defensive player and Cheap NFL Jerseys one of the better inside linebackers in the league. The 27 year old was an early candidate for defensive player of the year, but this injury will definitely hinder his opportunity at wining the award.

Former NFL Lineman Roy Simmons Announces Turn from

Former NFL Lineman Roy Simmons Announces Turn from Homosexuality to Christ buy?fake?oakleys

Not many NFL players have confessed to being gay. Former NFL player Roy Simmons is only one of three players to ever admit to being a homosexual, but now the former professional football lineman is a changed man he's openly acknowledged his newfound Christian faith. Roy Simmons has turned from his former lifestyle of homosexuality and wants others to believe in Jesus Christ as God's Son, Whom he believes died on the cross and rose again to save the world from sins. All three players spoke of their lifestyle after they retired as players. In 1992, Simmons, who had played as an offensive lineman for the New York Giants, appeared on the Phil Donahue Show andannounced he was gay.

While he was still a player, the 290 pound player, who replica?oakleys admitted to having sex with men, was released by the Giants. The article on the 700 Club claims that his lifestyle off the field affected his playing.

Roy Simmons, the former offensive lineman, not only speaks of his homosexual lifestyle, but also of drug addiction, prostitution, and promiscuity, in his autobiography, Out of Bounds.

After that, Roy Simmons was signed by the Washington Redskins and even got to play in the Super Bowl. The Redskins lost to the Oakland Raiders by almost 30 points, however. Since becoming a Christian, Roy Simmons recalled that he brought a male lover and to female lovers to the Super Bowl. Simmons says he was once molested as a young boy by a male neighbor.

He then started smoking cocaine. The Redskins let him go, and he then played buy?replica?oakleys for the USFL, which many sports experts considered inferior to the NFL, before he quit football.

Roy Simmons, the former NFL lineman who was not yet a Christian, decided to go to San Francisco, where he thought he would feel more comfortable. He says he drank, took drugs, and sold his body to support his drug habit, although he says on the 700 Club that he had thought he would never do the things he was doing. He also admits to shoplifting.

It was only after he became a Christian that the life of Roy Simmons changed, although the former NFL lineman said on the 700 Club that he did not think God would accept him as he was. He said he felt ashamed, as though he couldn't "go to God in prayer." Before his conversion, his life turned even worse, as a doctor told him he was HIV positive and was going to die from AIDS.

He went to Martha's Vineyard Holistic Retreat because of his disease, but he also went to a Bible study at the invitation of his doctor, Roni Deluz. He fake?oakleys became a Christian and was baptized.

He now devotes himself to his faith and purity. Roy Simmons, the former NFL lineman who lived a homosexual lifestyle, now says he has not been sexually active in three years. He now says the homosexual lifestyle is "really against God's will."

Roy Simmons, the former lineman is eager to tell all that a homosexual lifestyle will not lead to fulfillment, but a faith in Jesus Christ will.

You need a new type of scorecard to accurately

You need a new type of scorecard to accurately measure the wealth of Major League Baseball these days because team owners are scoring in so many different ways.

Upshot: The average baseball team is now worth $744 million, 23% more than a year ago and the largest increase since we began tracking MLB finances in 1998. During the 2012 season, revenue (net of stadium debt service) rose 7%, to an average of $227 million per team. Operating income (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) per team fell 9%, to $13.1 million, mainly due to higher player costs and stadium expenses (Forbes SportsMoney co host Bob Lorenz and I discuss MLB's finances in the video that appears at the end of this post).

Why did values climb sharply despite falling profitability? Because to fully capture the value of MLB's 30 teams it is necessary to keep score of the sport's full portfolio of assets rather than just the cash flow of the individual franchises. Our valuations were boosted by the escalating television rights fees that flow to each team, and the climbing values of Major League Baseball Advanced Media and the league's investment fund.

National broadcasting fees are baseball's biggest chunk of equally shared revenue. Last year, Fox, TBS and ESPN inked new, eight year broadcasting deals that will bring MLB a total of $12.4 billion over eight years an average of $52 million a season for each of the league's 30 teams through 2021. The new deals begin with the 2014 season and are worth more than twice the league's existing television contracts. Baseball has more inventory than any sport and with the national cable sports networks Fox Sports One, ESPN and NBC Sports battling it out for supremacy over couch potatoes, MLB was in a particularly strong negotiating position.

Special Report: The Business of Baseball

Another big contributor to team valuations is MLBAM, baseball's highly profitable, fast growing digital arm, which generated an estimated $650 million in revenue last year. It could be worth over $6 billion if you give it a similar enterprise value sales ratio as Facebook. MLBAM was launched 13 years ago and every team owns an equal share, making its success particularly important for low revenue teams. The At Bat app hit a grand slam last year: it was downloaded 6.7 million times (more than twice the combined downloads from 2011 and 2010) and is the top grossing sports app of all time.

A hidden gem: baseball's investment portfolio. (BELP), of which each of the 29 teams that had owned the Expos had an equal share (those assets were subsequently transferred to a new BELP, which is owned equally by all 30 teams). MLB also rolled in wholesale nfl jerseys a portion of baseball's Central Fund, which distributes the revenue from the league's equally shared national television and radio, Internet, licensing, merchandising and international deals.

The gross amount of Central Fund revenue for each team in 2012 was $50 million, but the league kept $7.5 million (the money belongs to the teams and is booked as an "account receivable" on their balance sheet). Commissioner Bud Selig oversees the fund. BELP has invested in hedge funds and the league has earned double digit returns on its investment portfolio. Each team now has Central Fund and BELP investments worth $40 million to $45 million combined.

On behalf of SD Padres' fans: Your valuation of the Padres rose dramatically after the second (final) Moores' sale and rightly so. But the team's debt/value percentage remained more or less the same (49 50%).

Why? We've been told that the new ownership group was not undercapitalized, unlike the Moorad Group. We have NOT been told that the new owners financed the sale. But that seems the only likely explanation for the high debt level. Was there something in the news about the sale that we missed? Thanks!

Thanks, but I wonder, where did you get that information? Like many obsessive compulsive baseball fans who follow their team's actions too closely for their own health, I hadn't seen that reported true also for K wholesale jerseys Van Buren, who started this comment thread.

Furthermore, this either contradicts what you replied to her, or I just can't connect the dots.

She asked why the debt was high, and had not heard that the new buyers had financed the sale.

You replied that the former owners kept the $200MM upfront payment which is why the debt ratio remained the same (which it didn't).

Sodoes that answer to her equate to debt was used to finance a portion of the purchase (apparently, $100MM of it)?

Also, what everyone else reported isn't so much that the former owners "kept" $200MM it was rolled into the price ($600MM for the club, and $200MM for the value of the TV deal). Semantic hair splitting, perhaps, but a valid difference in that some of the minority owners stayed in, thus reducing the overall sales price by their cut.

Finally, thanks for putting this together. Must be a huge effort to hunt down, compile and collate the material. It's by definition flawed, but it's the best data we have. Much appreciated.

You're comments are flawed (perhaps by definition?), so let me correct you. First, she (Kathleen) didn't ask "why debt was high". She asked why the "debt/value ratio remained more or less the same." Second, since she introduced the point that the debt ratio was "more or less the same" before and after the sale of the team, my reply to her was based on her parameters, thus no contradiction on my part. Third, purchase prices are enterprise values. In the real world, there is no such thing as "rolled into the price." The enterprise value was $800 million, which includes the grossed up value for 100% of the team, the team's ownership interest in the ballpark and the team's ownership interest in the RSN.

For the most part, baseball teams are not owned by individuals. They are owned by investment vehicles or limited partnerships. For example, Jerry Reinsdorf is the Managing Member and Chairman on the Chicago WhiteSox. These investment vehicles may have dozens of investors who are considered partners or owners. When Forbes lists the owners, they often times do not reference the fact that it is a limited partnership led by someone. In some cases, the Managing Member may not be the largest investor. Going forward, Forbes should acknowledge the existence of the limited partnership rather than just the individual.

I am working on my business statistics project for the semester. Part of the information I need is MLB teams' revenue by year. In the article you mentioned that Forbes has done this since 1998. Do you have this archived anywhere that the public can view it?

If you were interested, my project is tracking the attendance and hopefully revenue two years prior and three years after winning a World Series or making the playoffs for the first time in five years.

I was inspired by Lew Wolff's comments about paying for good players not resulting in a difference in revenue.

I like to take lots and lots of numbers and turn them into proprietary concepts and multi platform content. Three of my longstanding publishing creations: the valuations of sports teams, ranking actors and movie studios on bang for the buck (ROI) and the Forbes Fab 40 (the most valuable sports brands). My most recent idea was Names You Need To Know, which broadened my concept of list creation to include direct input from our audience. I also like to take apart corporate balance sheets to measure earnings quality and have a passion for economics (my MBA thesis at Long Island University was an empirical study on the cause of inflation in which regression analysis showed a significant correlation between the general level of prices and the money supply). Besides being an Executive Editor at Forbes I also have a gig as co host and Managing Editor of the 2 time New York Emmy award winning Forbes SportsMoney on the YES Network with my buddies, co host Bob Lorenz and producer David Alfreds, both of whom have taught me a tremendous amount. My brother in arms is Kurt Badenhausen, whom I have worked with for many years and knows more about sports numbers than anyone.

Could Bills become the 'Niagara Bills'

Could Bills become the 'Niagara Bills'

We've established the unlikelihood of the NFL approving a Toronto bid group to buy the Buffalo Bills.

At least a Toronto bid group intent on relocating the franchise to Toronto at first chance early next decade.

The only known Toronto bidder confirmed by Nike NFL Jerseys China QMI Agency in April is co led by rocker Jon Bon Jovi and Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum. The duo and their group had been planning to eventually relocate the Bills to Toronto.

"You'd see other Western New York bidders saying what the eff is going on? Now the price is Nike NFL Jerseys going to go up. And that group is going to be hard to beat."

Although buzz continues to emanate from Western New York that there could be a slew of bidders that a parade of tire kickers already has inquired with the Bills or Erie County over the past two months it's quite possible a bidding frenzy might not result. side," the source said. "(Donald) Trump is not being taken seriously. (Thomas) Golisano is.

"But what if Bon Jovi went to (New York state) governor (Andrew) Cuomo and said, 'All this talk about us relocating the team to Toronto is bull . He's stumping for re election in November a fortuitous, key factor as the Bills sale process unfurls this summer and is said to have his eye on a bid for the White House in 2016 on the Democratic ticket, should Hillary Clinton not run.

Pertinent to this discussion, Cuomo in May all but took over the search for a new Bills stadium site. More on that in Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys a moment.

Such an approach by Bon Jovi, as described above, surely would be enthusiastically received by Cuomo, the source said.

"Don't think the Cheap NFL Jerseys governor at that point wouldn't run as fast as he can to figure out if he can make that happen."

It's not hard to see why Cuomo would do that, and why the source sees the idea as a winner, especially for the Bills. It makes sense for a lot of reasons:

If Bon Jovi and Tanenbaum stick to their original relocation guns and do not publicly, and convincingly, declare a long term intention to keep the Bills in Western New York, then their bid is likely doomed. Thanks to a strict 10 year lease and non relocation agreement signed last year with the state and Erie County, the team effectively cannot leave county owned Ralph Wilson Stadium in south suburban Buffalo until a brief window in 2020 from February to July that year, for a $28.4 million penalty or otherwise until after the 2022 season. The spectre of the team leaving down the road apiece would almost certainly result in the locals abandoning the team in droves long before 2020. The 1995 Cleveland Browns mess would pale by comparison. In that one, owner Art Modell announced in November '95 he was relocating the franchise at season's end to Baltimore. In lame duck status, the Browns' three remaining home games played before livid, jilted, even vandalizing fans gave the NFL one of its worst black eyes of the modern era. A Toronto bound Bills franchise would face either five or (more likely) eight years of similar lame duck status.

Why eight years? Because, according to a prominent east coast sports franchise relocation expert, Item 3(b)(iv) of the Bills' non relocation agreement with the county and state prevents the Bills from planning to build (let alone putting a shovel in the ground for) any new stadium until reaching the 2020 out clause window. The state of New York and/or Erie County could seek immediate injunctive relief to prevent such action even a land purchase. As it takes a minimum two and a half years to build a stadium from planning start to finish, the Toronto bound Bills if the expert's analysis is correct would have little choice but to remain at the Ralph until the 2023 season. There wouldn't be any point in plunking down the 28 mil to opt out of the lease in early 2020.

But couldn't the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto serve as an interim Bills home for the 2020, 2021 and 2022 seasons? At best, maybe. The disastrous Bills in Toronto series notwithstanding (it's on hold for 2014 but is likely dead), the former SkyDome is not compliant as a full time NFL stadium, first and foremost because its seating capacity (approximately 45,000 for NFL, according to Rogers Media Inc.) is below the league's traditional 50,000 seat minimum. But once the domed stadium's new grass playing surface goes in by the 2018 season for the primary tenant (Rogers owned Toronto Blue Jays), the lowest level seats no longer will be reconfigurable, a source said. That will preclude CFL games from being played at the Rogers Centre thereafter, and might be true of smaller surface NFL games too. If nothing else, if the Bills in Toronto series isn't already dead, the switch to grass at Rogers might ensure it is after 2017.

For all these reasons it is inconceivable that 75% of NFL owners would bless the sale of the Bills to a relocation intent Toronto group. To move the team would require the approval of 24 owners not once but twice, commissioner Roger Goodell told QMI Agency on May 7: the first time in a months away ownership approval vote, and again years later in a relocation vote.

As for a new stadium, an informed Toronto source says the Bon Jovi and Tanenbaum group had (rightly) counted on basically zero public sector funding to build a new NFL stadium in the Toronto area. Indeed, MLSE right now cannot even squeeze $10 million out of the feds to tweak their MLS team's stadium so as to accommodate the CFL's Toronto Argos, a Canadian pro sports institution that practically predates Confederation. And the Toronto group is not going to pay a billion plus for the Bills, then another billion from its own pockets to build a new stadium. Throw in the relocation fee to the NFL which, sources say, might be in the $100 $200 million range and the entire Bills bill, in Canadian dollars, might approach $3 billion. Uh, no. So if the Toronto group somehow gets the team, it might not have any choice but to pass the cost of the stadium along to ticket buyers in the form of PSLs. The dreaded personal seat licences. To pay for a billion dollar stadium that accommodates, say, 60,000, and without any other financial help (for the sake of argument), each seat's PSL would have to average $16,667. That's before the PSL owner bought one ticket. Would the NFL go for that?

But things are much different in America, re public sector financing of NFL stadiums. Infrastructure might be falling apart everywhere but, hey, municipalities, counties and states can always seem to come up hundreds of millions of dollars to appease the NFL and its local football team. The Minnesota Vikings just got half a billion out of the public sector to build their new stadium in Minneapolis. Similarly, if Bon Jovi and Tanenbaum team up with the Jacobs clan and plunk down roots, they could count on significant public sector funding for a new stadium. Cuomo practically has assured as much from the state's end on the campaign trail. side of the Niagara River than any purely Western New York bid group could.

Bon Jovi "remains passionate in his pursuit of an NFL franchise," his publicist Ken Sunshine informed QMI Agency exclusively in April. That the rocker is widely admired by NFL owners is no longer mere speculation or rumour. Both Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and John Mara of the New York Giants two of the most influential owners in the league confirmed as much to QMI Agency two weeks ago at the league's spring meeting in Atlanta. "There hasn't been anybody more qualified to be involved in sports ownership, or certainly ownership in the NFL, than Jon Bon Jovi," Jones said. Mara added the next day: "I think he'd be a great NFL owner. He's got a really good knowledge and passion for the game, and he's obviously a smart businessman. If he puts together the right group of people I think he could be a very successful owner." Commissioner Roger Goodell likes him too. The New England Patriots' Robert Kraft, also a close friend and admirer of Bon Jovi's, is another inner circle NFL owner whose opinion carries weight within the league's billionaires club. So NFL owners like the idea of Bon Jovi as an owner, and the majority of them like the idea of the Bills remaining in the Buffalo area, as Mara said two weeks ago. Seems like a two inch putt.

Tanenbaum, who made much of his $1.2 billion fortune as a construction magnate, actually has ties to Western New York. He attended Cornell University in Ithaca in the late 1960s and today is a member of Cornell's University Council. And as owner/governor of the Toronto Raptors, Tanenbaum is highly respected in NBA circles; he's now a member of that league's senior most owners committee, advisory/finance.

A Western New York source involved in the bid process said he still hears that the Jacobs family will not lead a bid for the Bills. Rather, it will sit back and be ready to potentially provide last moment "over the top" money for a leading bid group that might require it a group that would keep the team local, and a group the Jacobs family likes.

Tanenbaum certainly knows Jeremy Jacobs well. As respective governors of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins, the two have been attending NHL owners meetings together since the late 1990s. They are believed to be friendly, in spite of the fact that Jacobs has long been a notoriously hard lining hawk in talks with the NHL players union, while Tanenbaum has been a conciliatory moderate. NFL rules prevent an owner of a pro sports franchise in one NFL city from owning an NFL team in another, which is why Jacobs' three Buffalo area raised sons probably led by the youngest, Charlie, who is Jeremy's alternate governor on the Bruins would have to be the Bills' part owners on paper. just 11 km (7 miles) east of Ralph Wilson Stadium. A stadium that much closer to Toronto and the 8.6 million residents in the entire "Golden Horseshoe" metropolis that wraps the west end of Lake Ontario is sure to draw more of those residents to watch the Bills. side of the Peace Bridge of having to drive yet another half hour to get to the Ralph. Niagara Falls is about 20 minutes closer to Toronto than just the Peace Bridge.

Former First Round NFL Draft Choice Turned Successful

Former First Round NFL Draft Choice Turned Successful Entrepreneur Poised To Deliver Sports Fans A More Compelling Stadium And Arena Experience

ATLANTA, GA and WESTERVILLE, OH (Marketwired Dec 18, 2013) The Guitammer Company (OTCQB: GTMM), a leader in tactile and haptic broadcast technology and creator of the award winning line of ButtKicker low frequency audio transducers that provide an immersive entertainment experience for audiences, announced today it has signed a Reseller "Teaming" Agreement with Multimedia Digital Broadcast Corporation's (MDBC) to sell its patented "4D" broadcast technology and "4D" seating technology to sports arenas nationally in order to give sports fans an immersive and more compelling in stadium / in arena experience.

According to Dr. Joe Profit, CEO and Founder of MDBC, "I believe the addition of Guitammer's proven broadcast and seating technology products will take us from a playoff contender to a Super Bowl type winning team. Stadium and Arena owners as well as Team owners are looking for ways to give their fans a more immersive, compelling and interactive game day experience while achieving incremental revenue increases. By giving the fans to the ability to not only see and hear the game but to 'feel' like they are part of the game. MDBC is looking to deploy '4D' in not only the luxury boxes and suites but also as part of some 'special fan zones' and seating areas in some designated concourses."

"We think this is a natural extension of the markets we currently serve," said Mark A. Luden, President CEO of Guitammer. "The combination of our 4D broadcast technology, recently launched with the National Hot Rod Association on ESPN2 with our increasing commercial cinema footprint make the idea of '4D' enabling and equipping sports stadiums and arenas a natural extension for the deployment of our products. And, with MDBC's IPTV Stadium TV Network platform, we expect to have the means to achieve 'live' 4D sports in a cost effective manner with minimal additional infrastructure requirements."

Dr. Profit added, "I think 2014 will be a championship year for MDBC. We look forward to securing one or more large scale projects that will incorporate all of the technologies in our tool box, including Guitammer's."

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The Guitammer Company, based in Westerville, Ohio, is a leader in low frequency sound products and broadcast technology. ButtKicker and ButtKicker Live! are registered trademarks of The Guitammer Company.

The Company's innovative and award winning line of patented ButtKicker brand low frequency audio transducers let users feel low frequency sound (bass). ButtKicker brand products are used around the world by leading entertainment and theater companies such as Alamo Drafthouse, IMAX, Disney and Lumiere Pavilions in movie theaters and attractions; by world famous musicians; and in home theaters, by consumers for video games, simulators and car audio. ButtKicker brand products are distributed by Pearl buy?fake?oakleys Drums for musicians under the trade name, "Pearl's Throne Thumper by ButtKicker". ButtKicker brand products' patented design makes them musically accurate, powerful and virtually indestructible. He spent two seasons, plus part of a third, on the Atlanta Falcons before moving to the New Orleans Saints. He was selected in the first round with the seventh overall pick in the 1971 NFL Draft. In his three seasons in the NFL, he rushed 133 times for 471 yards and three touchdowns. He spent the 1974 season with the Birmingham Americans and 1975 with the Birmingham Vulcans, both of the World Football League. He played college football at Northeast Louisiana University.

Multi media Digital Broadcast Corporation (MDBC) is a cutting edge technology company that has developed a diverse portfolio of clients throughout the world. It is one of the world's leading technology and marketing companies specializing in New media and Internet Protocol Television (OTC:IPTV). Through its broadband technology platform, creative services and interactive marketing and strategies it has designed, built and installed IPTV network systems on a platform that provides high tech broadcast/streaming produces for distribution on multiple sources including but not limited to; satellite, terrestrial, cable and off air solutions to a diverse Governmental and private sector clients.

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This letter contains certain forward looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created thereby. Investors are cautioned that all forward looking statements involve risks and uncertainty, including without limitation, the ability of the Company to successfully implement its turnaround strategy, changes in costs of raw materials, labor, and employee benefits, as well as general market conditions, competition and pricing. Although the Company believes that the assumptions underlying the forward looking statements contained herein are reasonable, any of the assumptions could be inaccurate, and therefore, there can be no assurance that the forward looking statements included in this letter will prove to be accurate. In light of the significant uncertainties inherent in the forward looking statements included herein, the inclusion of such information should not be regarded as representation by the Company or any other person that the objectives and plans of the Company will be achieved. In assessing forward looking statements included herein, readers are urged to carefully read those statements. When used in the Annual Report on Form 10 K, the words "estimate," "anticipate," "expect," "believe," and replica?oakleys similar expressions are intended to be forward looking statements.

Defensive Back Workout Plan

Defensive Back Workout wholesale jerseys Plan

Defensive back is one of the most demanding positions in the game of football. To be good requires athleticism at the highest level. Not only do you have to be good physically but you also need to be cerebral in reading the offense, anticipate movements and react quickly. There are other positions that have have higher demands for specific physical requirements but defensive backs are the decathletes of football in that they have to be good at everything. Prioritizing training goals is a must to optimize performance. The top priority is power, which is the speed at which you generate force. Defensive backs also need agility, or the ability to change direction. Another priority is bi directional coordination, which involves back pedaling and lateral running to disrupt pass attempts and read the offense. Finally, strength should always be a priority because it improves all other parts of conditioning and performance. Set your training week up for a five day cycle and rest on the weekends. Three days of agility and conditioning drills and two days of power and strength training will be performed. Start the week with agility and conditioning drills and then alternate days with power and strength training.

Agility cheap nfl jerseys ladder (30 feet): In/out pattern, sprint 20 yards perform 5 rounds

Agility ladder (30 feet): In/out pattern, back pedal 20 yards perform 5 rounds

Agility ladder (30 feet): In/out pattern, lateral run 20 yards perform 3 rounds (3 each wholesale jerseys free shipping side)

Off balance cone nike nfl jerseys china drill: Back pedal 15 yards, then lateral run in a zig zag pattern for 3 cone points. Perform 4 rounds.

Clock Pattern direction change drill: Back pedal 10 yards then immediately sprint in the 12 o'clock direction (straight ahead) go around once clockwise, then counter clockwise.

Lateral run stop jump drill: Layout 4 cones across the field in a catty corner position, lateral run to a cone, stop then jump to mimic pass interruption. Perform 3 rounds.