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Defensive Back Workout Plan

doujl001 posted @ 2015年2月09日 13:44 in 未分类 , 87 阅读

Defensive Back Workout wholesale jerseys Plan

Defensive back is one of the most demanding positions in the game of football. To be good requires athleticism at the highest level. Not only do you have to be good physically but you also need to be cerebral in reading the offense, anticipate movements and react quickly. There are other positions that have have higher demands for specific physical requirements but defensive backs are the decathletes of football in that they have to be good at everything. Prioritizing training goals is a must to optimize performance. The top priority is power, which is the speed at which you generate force. Defensive backs also need agility, or the ability to change direction. Another priority is bi directional coordination, which involves back pedaling and lateral running to disrupt pass attempts and read the offense. Finally, strength should always be a priority because it improves all other parts of conditioning and performance. Set your training week up for a five day cycle and rest on the weekends. Three days of agility and conditioning drills and two days of power and strength training will be performed. Start the week with agility and conditioning drills and then alternate days with power and strength training.

Agility cheap nfl jerseys ladder (30 feet): In/out pattern, sprint 20 yards perform 5 rounds

Agility ladder (30 feet): In/out pattern, back pedal 20 yards perform 5 rounds

Agility ladder (30 feet): In/out pattern, lateral run 20 yards perform 3 rounds (3 each wholesale jerseys free shipping side)

Off balance cone nike nfl jerseys china drill: Back pedal 15 yards, then lateral run in a zig zag pattern for 3 cone points. Perform 4 rounds.

Clock Pattern direction change drill: Back pedal 10 yards then immediately sprint in the 12 o'clock direction (straight ahead) go around once clockwise, then counter clockwise.

Lateral run stop jump drill: Layout 4 cones across the field in a catty corner position, lateral run to a cone, stop then jump to mimic pass interruption. Perform 3 rounds.

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