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Former NFL Lineman Roy Simmons Announces Turn from

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Former NFL Lineman Roy Simmons Announces Turn from Homosexuality to Christ buy?fake?oakleys

Not many NFL players have confessed to being gay. Former NFL player Roy Simmons is only one of three players to ever admit to being a homosexual, but now the former professional football lineman is a changed man he's openly acknowledged his newfound Christian faith. Roy Simmons has turned from his former lifestyle of homosexuality and wants others to believe in Jesus Christ as God's Son, Whom he believes died on the cross and rose again to save the world from sins. All three players spoke of their lifestyle after they retired as players. In 1992, Simmons, who had played as an offensive lineman for the New York Giants, appeared on the Phil Donahue Show andannounced he was gay.

While he was still a player, the 290 pound player, who replica?oakleys admitted to having sex with men, was released by the Giants. The article on the 700 Club claims that his lifestyle off the field affected his playing.

Roy Simmons, the former offensive lineman, not only speaks of his homosexual lifestyle, but also of drug addiction, prostitution, and promiscuity, in his autobiography, Out of Bounds.

After that, Roy Simmons was signed by the Washington Redskins and even got to play in the Super Bowl. The Redskins lost to the Oakland Raiders by almost 30 points, however. Since becoming a Christian, Roy Simmons recalled that he brought a male lover and to female lovers to the Super Bowl. Simmons says he was once molested as a young boy by a male neighbor.

He then started smoking cocaine. The Redskins let him go, and he then played buy?replica?oakleys for the USFL, which many sports experts considered inferior to the NFL, before he quit football.

Roy Simmons, the former NFL lineman who was not yet a Christian, decided to go to San Francisco, where he thought he would feel more comfortable. He says he drank, took drugs, and sold his body to support his drug habit, although he says on the 700 Club that he had thought he would never do the things he was doing. He also admits to shoplifting.

It was only after he became a Christian that the life of Roy Simmons changed, although the former NFL lineman said on the 700 Club that he did not think God would accept him as he was. He said he felt ashamed, as though he couldn't "go to God in prayer." Before his conversion, his life turned even worse, as a doctor told him he was HIV positive and was going to die from AIDS.

He went to Martha's Vineyard Holistic Retreat because of his disease, but he also went to a Bible study at the invitation of his doctor, Roni Deluz. He fake?oakleys became a Christian and was baptized.

He now devotes himself to his faith and purity. Roy Simmons, the former NFL lineman who lived a homosexual lifestyle, now says he has not been sexually active in three years. He now says the homosexual lifestyle is "really against God's will."

Roy Simmons, the former lineman is eager to tell all that a homosexual lifestyle will not lead to fulfillment, but a faith in Jesus Christ will.

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