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Washington Township firefighters who resigned

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Washington Township firefighters who resigned from Gloucester County HAZMAT team last year following complaints of equipment failures during the Paulsboro train derailment response confronted freeholders Tuesday night requesting the status of the county internal investigation cheap nfl jerseys on the complaints.

come here in a highly professional manner, said Richard Sumek, the municipal department assistant fire chief, who responded to last November derailment that wholesale jerseys spilled a toxic chemical that rolled in a fog like cloud through Paulsboro.

Sumek, joined by a dozen now former county HAZMAT team members who responded to the incident, requested the status of an investigation conducted by the Gloucester County HAZMAT Inquiry Panel, charged with investigating the Washington Township responders claims that air monitoring and other equipment was not operational during the Nov. 30 chemical spill.

want a resolution to make it good for the next guy, Sumek said.

After equipment complaints surfaced late last year, Gloucester County Freeholder Deputy Director Joe Chila appointed Fire Chiefs Association President Phil Zimm, former fire chief and Woodbury Mayor Bill Volk and retired state police Major Dennis McNulty to a committee to investigate the claims.

Since the committee creation 11 months ago, it has not concluded its investigation or turned over a report. County administrator Chad Bruner said the investigators, who are all volunteers, were not given a deadline to complete the investigation. He expects the report to be released by the end of 2013.

Freeholder Director Robert Damminger said Tuesday night it would be improper to push the panel volunteers to hurry the investigation.

Gloucester County Freeholders Lyman Barnes and Larry Wallace argue during a meeting Tuesday night over what information was given to them regarding the county's HAZMAT response at the train derailment in Paulsboro last year. (Staff Photo by Calista Condo/South Jersey Times)

are not imposing a deadline on the board we did not want to have our hands on, Damminger said.

has a deadline, Freeholder Larry Wallace said to the board in a spirited debate over the internal investigation of the county HAZMAT equipment and 12 state issued violations against the Gloucester County emergency response that were released in June.

The South Jersey Times first reported about the 12 violations on Nov. 10 following an Open Public Records Request for the documents from the state departments of health and labor and workforce development.

The violations, all marked as were related to missing pre and post incident medical exams for HAZMAT team members and documentation of training logs and other paperwork.

In the Nov. 10 Times story, Bruner chalked the violations up to issues that were resolved by the state 30 day deadline. The paperwork, Bruner said, was submitted to the state in time to meet the deadline and avoid a $2,800 per day, per violation fine.

are in compliance with the state of New Jersey, Damminger said, reiterating that the state citations mentioned nothing of the equipment failures described by Washington Township responders.

I were a firefighter . I would be offended that this was a error, Wallace fired back after reading several of the citations aloud, including item No. 6 that cited the county response team for not conducting a post incident critique of its performance during the derailment.

According to state paperwork, a wash of post incident topics were discussed by unified commands on Jan. 18, but representatives from the county HAZMAT team were not in attendance.

is that a paperwork error? Wallace said. not just a paperwork error. It more serious than that. who deemed Wallace comments to be out of order, told the Republican freeholder he should what you talking about before you talk about it.

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